[Japanese Grammer] 〜くせに / kuse ni


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although / in spite of the fact that /and yet / but / even though / when

a conjunction which expresses the speaker’s contempt, anger, or disagreement about s.o.’s action, behavior or state.

Source: A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar 日本語文法辞典【中級編】


dokushin de okane mo takusan kaseide iru kuseni, nande son nani kechi nano?
( Even though you’re single and making lots of money, why are you so stingy? )

mada tyosen shitemo nai kuseni, muri to omou noha okashi desyo?
( Although you’ve never tried it, there’s no way you think it’s impossible. )

Okane mo nai kuseni, nande minna kekkonnshiki wo seidaini yaritagaru no?
( Why do people want to have their wedding when they don’t have much money? )

Senpai no kuseni konna kotomo dekinaino? ima made nani wo shitetano?
( You can’t do something this easy even though you’re older/more experienced than me? )

Aidoru no kuseni zenzen kawaiku naijan.
( She’s an idol but she’s not cute at all! )

Kacho no kuseni buka no mochibe-syon ga sagaru koto shika iwanain dayone.
( He only says discouraging things even though he’s a manager. )


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